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hanging in there  

New Developments 2011

Okay it has been a long time, but I am back to let you know how things are going. Since September 2010, I have buried my grandmother, lost my car to repossession 2 weeks later. Though I have been threatened with eviction, I am still in my apartment for now. They can't do anything until they serve the papers.

However, I don't sit and wait. Though I am still disabled, I have been looking for work with a chance to come back to working for Alpine Access. Due to the funeral I could not continue with training the first time, but God allows things to happen and I am thankful for my second chance. Also I am looking to start with a work from home staffing company I am thankful to have more than one job option again and I speak the same for all of you who are currently looking to start over at a new job.

Also I made a post about consolidation on your car payments. Don't waste your time with that. Though I have suffered a repossession, I still have an opportunity to purchase another car. It might not be new, but at least it will be reliable.

I am still trying to gather up the funds to look for a new place. I have screened several roommates. Some were truly trifling, but there is a handful of people that I have met who I can see myself living with until i get back on my feet. Sometimes in this case you have to start at the bottom just to get to the top. I am in need until I start my job(s) next month of some funds to help me pay for first month's rent. About $400 or so. I am always researching for job opportunities, financial help, etc. but any other suggestions or donations are highly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time. Will post once I run into more opportunities to share with you now that I got the internet back.

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hanging in there  

New Resources

Hello all,

 Just giving you guys an update onhow things are going.  After doing further research online and getting resources from those within this community, i am proceeding in getting the help that I need to get a fresh start.

If you live in Charlotte, NC and surrounding, you all know about Crisis Assistance Ministry on Spratt Street.  The wait to get help is long but it will be worth it.  After the third try I was able to finally get in the door and get an interview to receive help for my rent.  The interview will take place on next thurs Aug 12th.  I speak that it goes well.  So for those of you who are still having trouble getting help or at least getting an interview with Crisis, continue to try.  Always get there by 7:45am M-F.  They also have a free store where you can get free clothing, free appliances, and there is a separate storewhere you can get free furniture.

Also this month there are several churches in the area that are taking applications to receive financial aid.  what I was able to find so far is the Victory Christian center on Old Pineville Road.  They will be able to help you with rent, utilities (electirc, water, maybe cable bill).  On their application they will speciafic what they will help with and they will do only one single bill so make it count.

For all residents,

I have been having trouble making my car payments due to loss of my job and benefits.  I found a company online when I googled I need help paying car payment I ran onto a website called Payment Solutions Center  They claimed that they can help stop repos from happening.  They offer a free consultation to determine whether or not they can help lower your payments.

Also a friend on Aidpage nin3 referred me to  The application fee once you pass the pre-screening for a grant costs $7.50 which is refundable.  You can apply many times for the free pre-screening, but you have to sign up for a free account first.  Once you pass the free screening you must follow the requirements on order to eligible for donor review.  I have passed all of the requirements  I have yet to try but let me hear form the other companies first and I will update soon.May God continue to bless and keep all of you.


Ephesians 3:20 (New International Version)

 20Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,

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hanging in there  

New Developments

Hello All since I last posted I am still trying to live in the moment without looking too far ahead.  Doing that in the first place has not been good for my mental state as well as my physical capabilities.  I am still getting seen by my doctors for my medical conditions primarily for my back pain.  My chiropractor has reccomended that I try a free sample of a product that has finally provided some temporary relief for me and there are still a long ways to go, but i was able to move around a little bit.  here is the website to get a free sample.  Once i use mine i want to improve, so I might purchase it.  I'll ask my doctor how much it is when I go back and I'll let you guys know.

if you want your free sample you can sign up here:

Also I am preparing to fight for my unemployment benefits so i can continue to support myself.  I have an appointment to get help with a CAA and also once i win the appeal, I will finally start some work from home while maintaining my customer service rep skills.  i just have to get the equipment ( I just need a headset ).  At times i still feel hopeless, because i want things to happen right away, but i know now that I have to leave it in the Lord's hands.  No more trying to do things on my own.  To all of you who run across this, my prayers to those who are feeling like there is no tomorrow and even for those who are now beginning to look up.  Everyone continue to keep looking up because God will always look down.


Peace and Blessings

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hanging in there  

Hello All

I just thought I post an update on how I am doing.  I am still under the weather, but partly due to doing a lot of things at once.  My main goal since I have been out on disability was to to find work from home or to to further my education at an online college.  I am able to find assistance for now to try to cover my utility expenses until I get back on my feet without messing with the payday loans.

Also what I have been getting into lately is to find a legitimate work from home business for me at little or no cost.  I have been involved in a program which allows me to save money on  internet, tv, and home phone, and others without hitting my budget. 

The work from home project that is working out for me right now is a pending opportunity to continue my customer service telephone work from home.In a couple of weeks I will work with a client for an online site Alpine Access.  it's a free opportunity to work from home.  this definitely works for those who have a disability or who wants to cut their commute.  i signed up last week and I was concerned that I was not going to get an interview.  But I was offered an opportunity on Sat 7-17-2010 and I have to fill out the normal tax paperwork.  needless to say i am excited for the opportunity, but I will continue to search for opportunities that will help me get back on my feet without overwhelming myself.  that has alwats been my problem.  Well anyway I'm going to turn in.  I'll keep you posted on this and more.  For those who are struggling or borderline, i wil continue to offer my prayers and say that things can only get better from here.


Stay blessed



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hanging in there   in reply to AidpageTeam   on


Hello, how can I remove my blog from the site and start a new one.  I did not read the info about posting information such as address, phone number.  I just need help.  I don't know what to do.  I'm lost

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hanging in there  

About rhmedia

Hello all,

For years I have been struggling with keeping a job, paying my bills, and saving my money.  I have endured a bankruptcy, suicide attempts  I am currently suffering from a medical condition in relation to arthritic conditions.  Due to my condition I was forced to take a leave of absence since March 2010.  my employer which is based in Charlotte, NC was able to pay for my expenses for one month but then they refused and insisted I bring in more information, but they would not accept my doctor's documents.  They unjustly terminated me a couple of weeks ago.  Right now while I am waiting for unemployment, I have been forced to apply for payday loans which are still not enough to pay for my rent, utilities, and medical expenses.  I am just looking for a new start while I am applying for other job positions as a customer service representative.  And though I don't have anything to grasp on right now the only aid I can provide for others is my prayers.  i am lost and out of options and for the first time in my life I don't know what to do. If there is any way to help either by financial assistance or even your prayers I would thoroughly appreciate it.

Peace and blessings

Talk to hanging in there